Double Glazed Units

Energy Efficient Glass

The need to reduce energy costs is high on everyone’s agenda, and energy efficient units enable customers to make an informed choice.

Energy Efficient Glass

In addition to our wide range of energy-rated glazing options, we also offer certified A-rated units to meet your requirements.

Double glazed units can now be rated in the same way as white goods and other products are. A-rated windows are now considered best practice by the Energy Savings Trust, as they exploit much less energy, have less of an environmental impact as your home or business can be cheaper to run as a result of installation..

Detailed below is one of our own environmentally positive products.


In today’s eco-conscious environment, for those customers who require our most energy efficient glass, we can offer eco-Klear. This is also our clearest glass for sealed units which uses a combination of low iron and softcoat glass.


• More energy efficient than a standard unit
• Extra solar gain through the glass
• Natural heat from the sun
• Reduction in energy bills
• Less heat loss through the glass
• Visibly clearer than most modern thermal glass

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