Double Glazed Units

Fire Resisting Glass

We are able to supply, from stock, cut size fire resisting glasses which can be dispatched for your next delivery day. Fire resisting units (30 minute integrity for Clear and 60 minute integrity for wired) are available on standard sealed unit lead times.

Fire Resisting Glass

There are different types of fire resisting glass available from County Glass. 

Wired Glass

Pilkington Pyroshield™ is the market leading wired glass for fire-resistance. Manufactured for more than 120 years it has been tried and tested in doors, partitions and windows in a wide range of buildings from schools to offices.

A fire integrity only product, it will restrict the spread of flames and hot gases for up to 120 minutes when incorporated into a suitably tested or previously assessed fire rated insulating glazing unit. It is available in both clear and textured versions.

Clear Glass

Since 1993 Pyroguard 30 minute has been considered to be the market leader in unwired fire resisting glasses. It has been widely tested in the UK, Europe and throughout the world. Providing fire integrity of 30 minutes and up to 16 minutes of insulation when glazed in accordance with approved frame specification.

To Special order

We are able to supply any rating of fire glass to your specifications. Lead times for special order products vary depending on the product, and will be advised on quotation.

Technical Support

We are able to specify the correct fire resisting glass to suit your application, and provide competitive quotes for both stock items and special order products.
Please contact us with your questions or find out more in the brochure HERE.