Double Glazed Units


Bevels are hand cut shapes and clusters, made from glass. Added to doors, windows, conservatories, mirrors and other glass units, bevels can make a huge difference to the look of the glass and the light passing through it.


As part of our decorative glass studio, bevels can transform any design. 

There are over 500 bevels available is a variety of shapes, styles, sizes and colours, all of which can be arranged in catalogue or bespoke designs from the most simple diamonds to intricate designs containing many pieces.

Bevelled glass clusters come in pre-set sizes which are clear-bonded to the glass, giving a raised, 3D effect that accentuates natural light. Fused glass tiles provide a more contemporary, but equally stunning look.

As with our Leadworks, Bevels can be combined with other Studio products to provide our customers with infinite design possibilities. Our team can run you through a range of catalogue templates or provide a full design service.

The Gallery contains some of these catalogue designs which will give you an overview of what is available. Please Contact Us with your questions or for any further information you may require to create your perfect beveled window.