Double Glazed Units

Toughened Glass

We can toughen glass from 4mm – 15mm thick and 2500mm across diagonally. The maximum size is 1800mm x 3000mm although larger sizes can be supplied to order.

Toughened Glass

We toughen glass in our own furnace at the County Toughening plant to BS EN 12150 standard.

The glass toughens when around 720°C of heat is applied, causing it to soften. The piece is then rapidly air cooled. Once installed, if the glass does break, it shatters into small pieces without sharp edges.

Toughened glass is used when strength, thermal resistance and safety are important considerations. This glass will generally be up to five times stronger than ordinary annealed glass depending on the glass type and thickness.


Laminated glass is produced by bonding two or more layers of glass together using a special plastic interlayer. If the glass does break the interlayer holds the fragments of glass together preventing further damage. It can be manufactured in varying degrees of thickness for domestic and commercial use and is perfectly clear.

We hold a wide range of annealed of laminated glass in stock and can supply any make up of toughened laminate to special order.