Double Glazed Units

Painted Glass

The latest edition to the County Glass processing facilities is our own, in-house spray booth.

Painted Glass

We can now paint glass pieces in any RAL colour for a multitude of uses.

These encompass splashbacks (cut on our CNC Machine), to individual tiles. We can produce work surfaces, furniture pieces, decorative glass for homes and offices and we are open to discuss the possibilities of any project.

Painting is the final stage in the glass process. This of course means that we can cut or shape your piece(s) to any requirement before the final touches are applied. Additionally, as well as solid colours, we can apply stencils for elaborate designs and even embed glitter to stunning effect.

Whether its an individual piece for home or business, or a large, complex, bulk order, County Glass can provide you with an eye catching solution, taking in a vast spectrum of available colours.

Please contact us with your questions and you can download our brochure HERE.